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Mohammed Alfan



"I am Mohammed Alfan, an Excel Enthusiast from India, having 12+ Years of experience. I passionately teach Microsoft Excel to individuals, businesses and educational institutions who seek this knowledge."

I was introduced to Excel through a minor course I did during my graduation back in 2005. From then on, till date, I have been mesmerised by the scope and application of Excel. I have been in this field of 'Excel exploration' for 12+ years. I am professionally a business analyst and also play a role in Project management, as a part of which, dealing with data has become a major part of my daily life.



Apart from my profile as a business analyst, I am also an author, whose book describes a main feature in Excel, the Pivot table. The book is named as "DATA ANALYTICS" for Beginners – Pivot to rescue" and amazon has categorised it as one among the 'Top 3' analytics books for beginners.

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Reviewed in India on 23 November 2020

For beginners and experienced on Pivot Table of MS excel.

This is indeed ....a Pivot to the Rescue. The book has just the right amount of learning content for beginners or experienced who wants to refresh the topic of Pivot Table in MS excel. What I like:
• Simple and to the point usage language
• Coverage of all useful and important aspect of the topic
• Images/illustrations for easy understanding
• Engaging way of telling story in a comic strips style.
• Affordable price
This is also a perfect gift material for your family, friends specially who are looking for jobs or who have started their career. I gifted this one to my wife.

I look forward to his contribution in helping other learn and succeed.

Harsha Mohan

Reviewed in India on 12 December 2020

Data Analytics-Comprehensive handy guide on pivot table

I'd like to call this book as a gem, because we all know the importance of excel.As an HR professional I m pretty sure that this book will definitely help me to enhance my excel skills. Those who want to pursue excel in detail, I would highly recommend this book.
Major highlight of this book is that its written in simple and easily understandable manner.
Case study and comic style approach helps us to memorise the content easily.
Here the author's unique way of approach towards pivot table is highly appreciable.
Looking forward for more versions.
I would highly recommend this book to all.

Reviewed in India on 21 November 2020

Highly recommended and worthy book for beginners who want to professional on Excel

I was searching for a book which is related to data analytics on excel . Finally I found this gem on Amazon, I didn't know that I could be a professional on excel with a help of book but this book changed my perceptions. The main things which attracted me on this book is that the Author Mohammed Alfan is trying to convert his years of experience on excel into a book which describes every part or usage of excel in simple and comic way ,helps to memorize everything which I read.
I appreciate the hardwork of author for this simple and comic book
I would recommend this to everyone who wants to be a start on excel

Reviewed in India on 21 November 2020

Master data analysis with excel pivot tables.

This is the best book for a beginner who deals with large volume of data and wants to analyse and visualise them with some simple steps using MS Excel Pivot table tool. With it's simplified structure and interactive narrations, this book will help you to master pivot tables and lay the foundation upon which you can start learning advanced data analysis tools. Good print quality and simple language.


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