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Hi There !

I am also a corporate Excel trainer and teacher who has organised and trained numerous students and corporates in Excel. During the corona pandemic period, many people lost their jobs and I, in an effort to help them improve their quality in knowledge, have conducted numerous free workshops to educate them regarding excel via online mediums and was able to reach out to over 12000+ people from around the globe.

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My Story

Excel is the future and sharing my knowledge with the world can bring better jobs and opportunities that would promise a better livelihood. Apart from this, I have also conducted a 'Free online Sunday session' for people who want to learn this application well but don't know much about it. I have also made myself available for doubt enquiries so that people can contact me anytime from anywhere regarding any doubts they have about Excel and I can help them by providing the best possible solution I know.


By launching Rows & Columns page/channel on Instagram and YouTube (100+ Videos) in April 2020, I was able to build a growing community of over 12000+ people from around the world. My tutorials are for those who use Excel at work and want to become better. In fact, I don't just want to show you only the solutions, but also to inspire you to experiment, create and share that with others.

Now, I spend most of my time creating tutorials & videos and learning new stuff in Excel. My book, "DATA ANALYTICS" for Beginners – Pivot to rescue", is the result of the desperation I had to share what I know to the world.

My background is: Masters in Business Administration, Author, Corporate Trainer & Project Management. 

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