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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Excel is a common application that can be found with almost everyone who uses Microsoft. Also, that we must have learnt it as a kid or may be explored a little through the application. But the fact is that, Excel is a world in itself. Merely being an expert in this application can help you solve huge admin works in about minutes which would save you allot of time which makes you a best eligible candidate to land up with a highly paid job. Here are a few highly paid jobs that require expert EXCEL knowledge:

1. Financial Analyst:

As the name suggests, this designation deals with finance which could be revenue, expenditure and other transactions. They are required to have expert level excel knowledge as they have to conclusions and analysis on the basis of the data provided to them. It is on the basis of their researching, consolidations and analysis that the firm employing them should take drastic decision which could affect their firm directly.

2. Administrative Assistance:

An administrative assistant is someone who deals with allot of organising of the data. They have to perform book keeping, documentations, organise appointments, and many much more excel related works. Therefore, without an expert knowledge in Excel, this job cannot be even begun with.

3. Project Manager:

A project manager has to be top notch perfect in every of their work like dealing with the employees, deals with the vendors, the resource usage and much more. Excel is a daily dealing for them to help manage the whole work helping them the progress and the perfection of each work done. Without Excel, a project manager cannot be efficient in any sense.

4. Business Analyst:

This is a designation that deals with allot of data. A business analyst has to study a whole business, document many aspects of it like the process, dealing, transactions etc then has to analyse the entire business considering the decisions taken, the process adapted, the type of transactions made etc and then come into conclusions that has to be discussed with the top managements helping in crucial decision making that would affect the existence of the business itself.

5. Data Journalist:

Data journalist deals with allot of data. They have to crucially analyze each data provided to them in order to integrate credential information. Excel is the main tool they use to analyze their data with or without other skills like coding and database skills.

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